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Summer is here! May 29, 2008

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Well It is summer time again. I must admit this is my favorite time of year. I love summer for many reasons here are just a few. The beach is my favorite place on earth give me a good book a lawn chair and I could sit for hours on end. I love the freedom from having to worry about a schedule with my children if we want to stay up late and watch a movie or go fishing we can…fishing that is another thing I love to fish it is so relaxing to me to just sit and fish. Summer just represents spending time with my family and that is something I love to do. I enjoy being outside and watching the birds and the butterflies in our yard…the smell of the confederate Jasmine and the Honeysuckle are wonderful. I don’t take for granted the times I am able to sit outside and watch my children swim and hear them laugh and do silly things together. I love the warm weather I am not someone who likes cold weather so summer is my season. I just come alive during this time of year even spiritually…it is like something awakens in my spirit and I feel more alive. Summer is here and I intend to enjoy every minute of it!


ProChoice:Choosing to Mother May 13, 2008

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We had an awesome Mothers Day at Crossway Church . We were able to hear from four of our mothers and hear somethings about there lives that most people never knew. I was so thankful that these women of God allowed themselves to be so vulnerable and let me share the intimate details of their past in order that other mothers might learn and allow the Holy Spirit in to minister in their lives…to know that we all have to make a Choice to mother even when life is hard. We have to Choose to mother even when things are not going the way we thought they should or the way we prayed that they would. Sometimes it is that drive to mother that may bring us out of the pits of despair even make us realize we must live when we really don’t want to! Deuteronomy 30:19 Says ” Now Choose life so that you and your children may live.. We found out Sunday, we have a wealth of Godly women among us to mentor our young mothers and not so young mothers…women who have been there and know what it is like to not want to go on or know what it is like to have to parent their children even when things are not as they should be! The Bible says “We can do all things through Christ who Strengthens us. So even when we have made wrong Choices we can turn our lives around and the lives of our children through prayer and yes maybe we will have times of things not being like we want or the way they should have been but that does not mean we just stop mothering…We get up every day and we make a Choice to be the BEST mother we can with the circumstances we are in at the time. We get ourselves a church Family, we get grounded in the Word of God, we make positive confessions with our mouth, we find a woman of God and we make ourselves accountable to her…and we will have Children who will “Rise up and call you Blessed” Proverbs 31:28


It Has Been A While April 16, 2008

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Well It has certainly been a while since I wrote last. There is no way I can catch you up on everything. Our family has been extremely busy I will give the highlights…we did just return from Disney and it was Wonderful, soccer season is winding down and we are getting ready for Prom!

The last few Sundays we have been in a series on Metamorphosis and this past Sunday we did a couple of “Makeovers” it was Awesome! I must tell you I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was able to spend with Tammy. I had never spent quality time alone with her and I was able to because of this series. This really reminded me how important it is that we take the time to get to know people I mean really get to know them. I see people on Sunday but I don’t get to have real conversations about what is going on in each others lives…I have known Tammy for over a year now but I knew nothing about her personally and after just one afternoon together I learned more than I have in many many Sundays together.  Another thing is that Tammy and I are very different in several ways but that is what should stretch us and help us to grow in our relationships with others and the Lord. After this time with this amazing lady I just have to say She is one terrific person that everyone at Crossway Church should take the time to get to know! I must admit this has really opened my eyes and I am going to make more of a commitment to get to know more people and to know them better.

This is the Family of God in action! We have to learn to embrace the diversity, get out of our comfort zones and build real relationships with the people that He has in our Church family.

I just want to say we Have the most AWESOME Church around and it just gets better and better! Thanks for all that you do! 


He Is Still the Same March 6, 2008

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Last night we had an awesome time at our Wednesday night church…I am not sure what to call it because it isn’t a service or Bible study really. We do a variety of things for the whole family. Anyway once a month we all come together for worship and then go our separate ways and last night the worship was phenomenal…The Holy Spirit was so there it was like you could reach out and touch Him!

We were singing this song about Jesus being our everything and it was as if He said “will I still be your everything if things don’t go your way?” It is easy to say “yes” but He wanted to know will you love me the way you do right now will you trust me the way you do right now while you are signing this song? I think we need to work on this It comes from spending time with Him and learning that He wants us to love him the same regardless of our circumstances or how or when He may answer us in a situation because He is still the One who Died and Rose again for our sins!

Last night during worship I was convicted by my inconsistency in my relationship with the Lord…not that I haven’t loved him but just that I haven’t had that passion that I once did. I want to do what I know I need to do to keep that alive. It does come with a price…TIME!


What A Privilege! February 23, 2008

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This week has been so busy but it has been a good kind of busy. We are doing our first ever wedding in our building today…we don’t have the most glamorous building to do these kinds of things. When you have the kind of people that we have the tremendous pleasure of walking with it makes doing this kind of thing possible…first you have a couple who are just so excited about getting on the journey with Jesus together that they are humbled by what He is doing in their lives and what the Church family is doing to bless them and second you have a body who is willing to just jump in and do what ever it takes to make it possible for this family to get their lives going in His direction and have VICTORY. This combination makes a building that isn’t that great for these kinds of things and a wedding with virtually no budget exude with as much excitement, joy and beauty as any big budget wedding I have ever attended or been a part of. I just want to say it once again we have the most AWESOME people at Crossway Church it is a privilege to serve with you!


We Can Do This! February 21, 2008

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Rodney and I just returned from a church planters conference in Atlanta and as many of you know I don’t like to travel but this was well worth it. We were able to be together and I love spending time with my husband even if it is at a conference with hundreds of other people. We also were able to be with other pastors who are going through or have been through the same things we are going through and what a comfort to know we aren’t alone and to be able to hear from some of them and glean from their wisdom.

God is so faithful…He knows just what we need and when we need it! It was amazing to get the opportunity to be with so many people who have the same heart and vision that we have for taking a city and similar thoughts and ideas on how to go about it…I felt like the Lord was just once again renewing our vision and letting us know we aren’t crazy! We can do this thing and we can do it with the vision He has put in our hearts and minds!

We are very blessed here at Crossway Church to have Awesome teams and an Awesome church family and it is going to take us all and even more. We believe that there are people out there that aren’t even saved yet that the Lord has yet to bring into our body to help us take this city…the way that this will happen is evangelism. We must invite our unsaved Friends and family we must tell them what the Lord is doing in our own lives and what He has done in our lives. If we have nothing to tell then I think we better do some soul searching…possibly make a gratitude list think back to our own salvation experience recall the last time we received some prayer ministry and how the Holy spirit moved in our heart. We need to be able to share what God has done for us or how can we expect for the lost to see a God who moves on our behalf. It is this kind of thing that will begin to stir up the excitement in us and that will in turn spill out in a natural flow so that others will see a difference in us and want what we have…this will grow the Body of Christ!


Valentines Day for Our Family February 15, 2008

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I know I have really been slacking lately with my Blogging and I am truly sorry…things are just a bit overwhelming for me right now.

Yesterday was Valentines Day and in our Family we have tried to keep things in perspective…by that I mean we don’t go too overboard with all the gift giving or getting stressed out if the day doesn’t go perfectly. I have come to the conclusion that we have bought into a lie…and that is that life on certain holidays or special occasions is way too romanticized. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that we should not make them special and work at making our spouse and family feel they are important to us but we must remember we live in the real world with real issues and we have to sometimes just make the best with what we have at that moment. I have seen marriages that were in trouble because one of them did not get the perfect gift or perhaps the night was not planned out as the perfect romantic surprise…lets face it some times finances, childcare,time or just not knowing what to do stand in the way of us being able to pull off the perfect romantic evening. We realized several years ago that Valentines day was one of those days for the Thrift family…we had three young children at the time no money and no one to babysit so we began the tradition of making Valentines Day a special occasion for us all. We use the fine China the wine glasses (with non-alcoholic wine) candlelight and a nice meal. It has become something that everyone looks forward to so much that the kids start asking about it a week before. Rodney and I know that our time with these precious three is short and we intend to make as many memories as we can with them while we have them. I know you are saying “what about your time with your spouse?” I believe you must make time for that but it doesn’t have to be costly or some over romanticized occasion that no one can meet up to. I also know that we have seasons in our lives and in some seasons we are able to spend more time with our spouse than other seasons…I am a firm believer that we must have alone time with our spouse I am just stating that we must face reality and make the best out of what we have at the time. We must also be looking for opportunities because as I said our seasons change…I am learning to be thankful for the season I am in and what it is that the Lord has for me and my family in that hour.