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What is your Passion? July 28, 2008

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Our family went to Elberton, GA for the 4th of July and it was a wonderful time of relaxation. We were able to be on our own schedule. I love to fish and I caught a 16 3/4 inch Bass ( I will try to get a picture of it on here). when I am in that kind of atmosphere I just feel so close to God…I Feel like He is right there speaking to me all the time. I love the outdoors…I have stated before that I am not a roughing it kind of person. I love the beach but I also love just being outside in the sun on a lake. Just don’t ask me to camp out or anything once I get dirty for more than a few hours I am ready to go in and get a shower…I not a girlie girl but when I have had enough I have had enough and I am ready to get back to civilization and read a good book or have some real food. Weekends like the one we just had just refuel me. The time with my family away from everything…no phones no T.V. Just time with family, God and nature I love it!

One of the things we were able to do was take a tour of the National Wild Turkey Federation it was very interesting…my sister in law’s dad is now the CEO of the company. We were treated like royalty while we were there and also learned quite a bit about the organization. Our son Aaron was in heaven this kind of thing is right up his alley. This child loves hunting and fishing like few other kids his age. He has been going and doing this outdoor stuff since he was old enough to hold a fishing pole in his hands. My dad would take him with him out to “the farm” and they would spend many hours together just in the outdoors. I remember when Aaron was only three years old he would have a fishing pole in the house and “fish” in the bathtub for hours day after day…he never got tired of not catching any. He would just keep casting and reeling. He started hunting at a young age also my dad loved it and Aaron just took right after him.

As a parent it is a wonderful feeling to see our children doing things they are passionate about…I pray often that my children will have passion for things in this life! I want them of course to be passionate for God first but I also pray that they will have something that is a God given drive something that will stir them. I believe that these things in our lives…the things we love to do or the things we feel strongly about are sometimes what help us in our walk with Christ. I feel that just as I love to see my own children passionate about something I believe the Heavenly Father loves for us to have passion for Him first but also for the things He created. We must always make sure that things line up with the Word and that Jesus is on the throne and not anything else.

I believe if we don’t have something that stirs us or moves us in our lives then we are truly missing part of what we are created for. What are you passionate about? Do you have something that stirs you inside? We are all different your thing may be helping people or saving women from the despair of abortion or even studying history…the list is endless.


Sunday’s Challenges July 2, 2008

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I just have to say that we have some awesome people on our creative team and our technical team. This past Sunday was off the charts…our service was GREAT! If you were just out in the congregation you might never have known it but these two teams had many hurdles to overcome this last week. These guys spend countless hours planning and meeting and working to make sure that everything goes just right…all the skits are timed and have a purpose all the videos and special music are to be played at a special time and even the person speaking has cues to watch and listen for. When things don’t go as planned it throws everything…this past week was one of those times, but those two teams handled themselves like champs! They got in there and worked together to make things flow like they were supposed to and even when things did not go as planned…like people laughing when it was designed to be serious or the lights going off too soon or the skit not happening on cue. Even with all of those challenges the service was still a huge success and no one was non the wiser.

It is exciting to be in a church that you can have someone else speak and really look forward to hearing them…not be wishing the whole time that the pastor was speaking. We have some very gifted people here who are excellent communicators and I am looking forward to hearing from them more often! How Blessed we are in many areas!