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Under the Same Roof June 27, 2008

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What is it about being a Mother that just makes you want all your children under the same roof? My mom used to say to me after I married and we lived away “you just don’t understand how good it feels to know that all your children are home and sleeping under the same roof?” I must admit now that even though my children are all still living at home, I know what she means… over the last three weeks at least one of our children has been gone at all times either to visit a friend in Florida for a  week or to a Kids camp. Well, today Aaron is coming home and finally we will be a Family unit again! Now you have to understand how things work in our house…we always have kids spending the night or one of ours is spending the night off and this is the life we lead. Rodney and I love to have our home open we were both raised with parents who loved to entertain and knew what it meant to pour into the lives of teenagers…so this is just normal to the both of us. All of this said I don’t take for granted the family times that we have as just US…I look forward to them and after these last few weeks I am really needing that time with my family. I can only compare this to when my kids where babies and other people had been holding them and I felt an overwhelming desire to snatch them back and never let anyone else hold them again…I would just from time to time need that closeness with them and could not help that feeling of just needing to get away from everyone and everything with my baby. Maybe only a mother knows what I am talking about but I think that this is sometimes what God feels for us when have been distant from Him…this is the kind of jealous feeling I think He might get for us. That longing to just hold us and look close into our face to make sure everything is still O.K. To just steal away with us and reconnect those family ties. Parenting is a wonderful experience it has given me so many experiences and has helped me to identify with my Lord in so many ways.


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