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Just Some Ramblings. June 18, 2008

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All three of our children are gone to a kids camp this week. At first I was excited but then reality set in…we still had to get up and go to work every morning we still had the same responsibilities of overseeing a church. People kept saying things like ” you guys are going to have it made” and ” what are you going to do with all the free time you will have?” Well truth be known three kids and all…it isn’t  just them that takes up our time or keeps us scrambling around all the time it is all the other things we commit ourselves to along with raising them. This is the first time I can remember that they have all been gone away from us at one time, other than us going away for a night or two and I must admit I miss them! These wonderful blessings that The Lord has given us are the light of my life here on this earth other than my wonderful and sexy Husband…Yes I did mean to say that! I know that if everything else is gone my relationship with them…with my husband and children will be for all eternity and I fully intend to invest all that I have into those four precious things then into the Ministry that God has given me such a passion for. I know I am rambling but that is what I sometimes do…this week has given me time to make sure things are in perspective and I said that this Blog would be me giving you my thoughts!


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