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The Right Kind of Bragging June 13, 2008

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I just have to say this I am not bragging…well I guess I am but not in a way to make others jealous just in a way of saying how blessed we are here at Crossway. We had our “Extended Staff meeting” last night and I was so impressed by the Lord…we have by no means ARRIVED  but we have  such a committed group of people! These guys are truly with us  and last night there was such and openness  and a warmth…I just know that this is just the beginning for us because we are seeing such an increase across the board with our teams and our volunteers. I know that on Many occasions satan has tried to make us give up by making us think we were all alone in this thing but we have hung on…and finally I think we are at a place were that lie will not work any more! I just sense an excitement in the air and there seems to be a new energy level in the house. I believe it is the BREATH of the Holy Spirit giving His people what we need to accomplish His work for this hour not just for Crossway but in the Body of Christ everywhere!


One Response to “The Right Kind of Bragging”

  1. bettychelkins Says:

    This is the right kind of bragging…the sort of bragging that brings all that He is doing into the spotlight. Go God! I love that Kingdom synergy is happening at Crossway. I am so proud of what God is doing under your leadership. I’m a big fan. 🙂

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