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To Go or Not to Go June 6, 2008

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Alright here it is…the youth at our church are going tubing down Ichetucknee springs. There are about forty five or so people from our church going including my family… I really do not want to go! Everybody keeps telling me I need to overcome my fear. I keep telling everyone it isn’t that I am afraid! Here is the story When I was a little girl my entire family grandparents, aunts uncles ,cousins the whole shoot and shabang went camping there and we went tubing…only back then you had to tube the whole thing there was no getting out half way. It stormed on us the entire time…thunder and lightening it was awful we could not stop and get out because there was nothing but trees to get under and that was more dangerous. All I remember was being scared and cold. Then out of nowhere came this snake swimming right at me I fell out of my tube trying to get away. The rest of the day I rode in my dad’s lap. I just remember being cold and wanting to go home.

The truth is I am not afraid! I have been since then but I told you before I like the beach give me some white sand or a pool and a lounge chair and I am right there! I am not to keen on dark water with plant growth instead of white sand and snakes instead of seagulls. I still have not made up my mind about going… there are times I will sacrifice to be with my family and friends and this may be one of them. You see I do not get many free days at home by my self and I would love to take this day and just have a whole day to myself so I am torn. What ever I decide I am sure there will be plenty of fun and laughter going on down the Ichetuknee tomorrow.


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